Irish Language Grinds

Irish is covered at Junior Certificate and Leaving Certificate ( Higher and Ordinary Level )at Castleisland Tuition Centre.

At Junior Cert Level we focus on the following areas of the syllabus :

Grammar including verbs , Prepositions, Pronouns, Adjectives, Vocabulary

We also ensure the student is prepared for the written aspects of the exam including letters, stories, poetry and pres stories we also practice aural work ( tape). Homework is given to each class and corrected on a weekly basis.

At Leaving Cert Level ( Higher & Ordinary ) the oral exam is a huge part of the exam ie 40% Therefore a big emphasis is placed on this part of the course in the grinds. The aural and the written sections are also covered in detail with special focus on essays.

How to Enrol

We run enrolment nights throughout the year as each new term starts. You will find details in the local press or on our tuition courses listing page. While we do take students throughout the year places can be limited and it is first come first served. Please contact us now to discuss your child's place.

  • Homework given and corrected
  • Primary, Junior and Leaving Cert Grinds
  • Wide range of subjects taught
  • One Hour Classes
  • Excellent track record
  • Purpose built Classrooms
  • Small focused groups
  • Exceptional Tutors