Project Maths


A new mathematics syllabus has been put in place by the Department of Education recently, which has been called ‘Project Maths’. This syllabus is now been taught in all schools in Ireland.

What is Project Maths?

‘Project Maths’ involves the introduction of revised syllabuses for both Junior and Leaving Certificate Mathematics. It involves changes to what students learn in mathematics, how they learn it and how they will be assessed. Project Maths provides students with the opportunity to gain an understanding of and familiarity with several branches of mathematics, as well as developing their overall appreciation of the subject. The branches, or ‘strands’ in question have been chosen because they have applications in everyday life, are useful in other disciplines, and provide a foundation for further education. As a result, maths is very accessible to students at all levels.

The 5 strands are:

  1. Statistics and Probability
  2. Geometry and Trigonometry
  3. Number
  4. Algebra
  5. Functions

Aims of Project Maths

From the NCCA website the main aims of Project Maths are to:

  • To provide greater coherence and progression between the mathematics experiences of students in primary school and in the post-primary junior cycle, and between junior cycle and senior cycle mathematics make mathematics more relevant to the lives and experiences of students.
  • To provide an appropriate mathematics education to meet the needs of all learners give greater emphasis to the understanding of mathematical concepts and the
    application of mathematical knowledge and skill encourage more students to study higher level mathematics.

Mathematics is a wide-ranging subject with many fields and applications. Mathematics gets used everywhere, and everyone can find some use for it. For students it opens doors to careers. No longer just the language of science, mathematics contributes in direct and fundamental ways to business, finance, health and defence. Whether it’s managing your monthly budget or a part of your job, mathematics has a place in everyone’s life.

What do we Aim to Achieve?

Our aim is to make mathematics more understandable and relative to the pupil’s everyday life and teach them how to understand mathematics. We hope to make mathematics more enjoyable for the pupils and give them confidence in problem solving and developing their mathematical thinking. We feel that this understanding of maths will give pupils the essential tools required for achieving good grades in both the junior and leaving certificate maths exam. The importance of mathematics in the pupil’s lives has been recognised by many third level institutes and they are now awarding 25 extra points in the leaving cert for a pass in honours leaving cert. The initiative will both reward students for their efforts in studying the subject. Higher-level maths provides students with key skills needed in all business sectors and, in particular, the skills needed for the high-tech jobs Ireland is working to attract.